Mr. Marco's Mastermind's

Week at a Glance (week of 10/9/2019)


TLW: Learn letter D and  G the sound they make.
Walk the dog and find bones with d.   
Review definition of consonant and blend.
Learn and practice the D and G blends.
Red light green light with g blends.
Learn to listen for vowels and letter D and G sounds in words.


TLW: Rote count 1 to 80.
Review numbers concepts  1-15.
Learn number concept 16 and 17
Continue Practicing  writing numbers 1-7 properly.
Practice telling time to the hour.
Review pennies and counting pennies.
Math Evaluation on 10/8/19

Creative Learning

Technology– Math subsidizing flashcards
 Recite Poem:  At the Sea (to be memorized).
Story: “Douglas Dog
Art Project: Fall Tic Tac Toe game
Science/STEM Project – Oil and water bottle
Social Studies: America the Great!

Don’t Forget!!

10/14-18 Fall Break
10/24 Fall Festival 9:30 am -1:00 pm. Event is $20 per child is due by October 17th at noon.
11/8 Veteran’s Day (School Closed).


TLW: Practice writing your first and last name in manuscript and cursive.
Learn to trace and write letter D  and G
Practice writing upper and lowercase letter vowels and n, l , h, s ,and c in manuscript.                      
Review cursive lowercase letters vowels and t, b, n, l, h, m. s, and c .
Learn to write lowercase letter D  and G n cursive.    

Language Development/Readiness

 All Eagles must know Vision, Creed, and  Confession.
Bible Memory Verse: G  and Joseph
TLW:  Learn about Truthfulness
Review shapes and make shapes using playdoh.
Introduce sequencing
Listen and act out poem Bear Hunt

Home work

Monday:  Letter C worksheet. Practice C blends. (ca  co and cu).
Tuesday: Thinking Skills Worksheet.
Wednesday: Study sight words blend books go home to ne returned the next day.
Thursday– Write 1-20 neatly with correct formation.
Please also practice coloring, cutting, and writing in your free time. Practice makes better (not perfect)!