Dr. Sammie Holloway

Founder . Author . Pastor . Father .

On January 26, 1981, God said to Dr. Holloway, "I want you to bring back the Bell." In studying this in the Scriptures, our Pastor came to know that God wanted him and his ministry to teach true Bible Holiness by precept and example. Breath of Life Christian Center is the manifestation of the vision God gave Pastor Holloway. Dr. Holloway proudly proclaims that his assignment in the Body of Christ is to emphasize the importance of Holiness in living the abundant life promised in God's Word. He has authored The Power of Holiness, The Christian Family, and Fruitful Living for Christian Singles, and continues to travel the world teaching the uncompromising Word of God. Dr. Holloway has been happily married to Dr. Addie Holloway for over 35 years, with five children and many grandchildren. Dr. Holloway is not only excited about ministry, but education is very important to our Founder. For ten years, BOLPA has happily served the Raleigh-Frayser area of Memphis, TN by providing a quality, Christian education that partners with parents to train their scholar in every aspect of life. Dr. Holloway enjoys golfing, spending time with his family, and traveling the world to spread the gospel. Look for our founder on Facebook @DrSammieHolloway.

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